Critical Consciousness Reading

Critical Consciousness Reading

A curated reading list to support critical thinking and consciousness in light of the current humanitarian crisis in America.

Sister's Uptown Bookstore is presently the oldest black and family-owned bookstore and community cultural center in Washington Heights/Harlem dedicated to nourishing the minds, hearts and souls of the community with present and past works of gifted African American, Latinx, and other great authors and intellectuals.  

Celebrating it's 20th year, the bookstore has become a hub for literature, art, culture, selflove and community. And with every book purchase, 100% of the proceeds are going directly towards keeping this amazing community gem standing for another 20 years! #StandWithSisters.

UPDATE: WE ARE RESTOCKING SOLD OUT BOOKS ASAP - STAY TUNED! Appreciate your support and patience as this incredible mother and daughter duo work to send you your order. In the interim, explore hundreds of other books from the Sister's Uptown online library HERE!

IN-STORE/CURBSIDE pick-up is AVAILABLE. To access this option, please include a note in your order. However, please note, you will be notified when your book is available for pick up. As we are trying to manage curbside traffic in a responsible manner, you will not be able to pick up your order before this notification.